Day of Awareness Events

The Podvojsky family held a lemonade stand DOA event to benefit VBF and raised $45

Check back as we add events!

Go see last year's calendar for ideas

· Anna San Juan - popcorn fundraiser

· Peggy Nelson, Zellner Family - wine tasting

· Mandy Applegate - fundraiser

· Jessica Ball - in honor of Ava Ball - newspaper article
· Ethington Family - walk/run

· Danielle Vlahos, Rose Shea, volunteer Carolyn Porter - Boston VBF walk/run

· Elissa Rifkin - Facebook appeal

New York
· Roger Brooks - fundraiser
· Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, Basia Joyce, Lianne Chase, Lauren Palmateer - Albany VBF Walk/Run
· Joanmarie DiMirco - in honor of Daniela DiMirco - donation request at work, and letter campaign to family and friends
· Lianne Chase and Family - birthday celebration
· Elysa Baron and Saige Cavayero – Albany walk/run team

· Jan and Andrew Dreger - in honor of Owen Dreger - annual event at family restaurant- percentage of sales donated to VBF along with other donations, awareness, support
· Dr. Dinah Gonzalez and Dr. Marvin Kalafer - wine tasting and lobster bake

· Brian and Natalie Boliner, volunteer Sarah Schaffer - Angel Kiss auction/Texas hold'em

· Corinne Barinaga - Facebook appeal and Buddy Booby Read-Along


Help Sponsor a Family for our 2011 Conference
Create Your Own JOIN ME Fund Raiser Page


YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Help us raise awareness and desperately needed funds.
It’s simple, easy, and fun! Click on the image below to see it larger.

We have created a template that will enable you to create your own personal VBF Day of Awareness fundraising website page in just a few easy steps! Tell your personal story and how VBF has helped you. You can even include photos if you wish. Email your fundraising page to family, friends and coworkers. You can create your personal JOIN ME page to coincide with a special fund raising event such as a garage sale, car wash, dinner, walk/run, or even just a friends and family appeal where you will raise money to Sponsor a Family and send them to our conference for free – just because of your effort ! ! !

Here’s how to create your JOIN ME page:

1. Click this link:

2. Create a Username and Password and click to create a fundraising page.

3. Click “Edit your personal fundraising page”

4. Edit page title by clicking the blue “edit” box next to page title and then type in your page title and then click the blue “save” box for that section.

5. Repeat step #4 for “fundraising widget” box text.

6. Scroll down to “Fundraiser’s Text” and click the blue “edit” box. Type in your story and click the blue “save” box for that section.

7. You can download a photo in the “Fundraiser’s image” box. The site only allows one photo. However, if you would like to use two photos, such as a before and after photo, you can email the two photos to VBF’s webmistress, Missy and she will combine the two photos into one jpeg and email it back to you. Her email address is You will need to then download the photo to your site: Click the blue “edit” box. Click “Select”. Find where you saved the photo, highlight the file and click “open”. Click the blue “save” box for that section.

8. Scroll down to the “Other Page Settings” section. If you wish to edit the goal, click the blue “edit” box next to “Goal” and type in your goal amount. Click the blue “save” box for that section. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT IT COSTS VBF $500 PER FAMILY TO ATTEND THE CONFERENCE/CLINIC and therefore we recommend a minimum goal of $500.

9. Your page is complete. Click “Done” to finish or “View” to view your page.

10. Email your page link to family, friends, coworkers, business contacts, etc! VBF will send Thank You emails to all donors for tax deduction purposes.

11.Contact VBF with any questions or if you have donors that choose not to show their names on your site but you would like to know who they are. Contact us here.