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swsc 03-04-2008 04:38 PM

VBF 2008 International Day of Awareness
VBF 2008 International Day of Awareness
May 15
Same Day – New Look

Look what’s new, VBF 2008 International Day of Awareness! We are excited to launch our international campaign for awareness on May 15. It’s the same day with a new look. Explore the new website and join in the fun.Tell Your Story about how VBF and vascular birthmarks have impacted your life. Contact Paige Salvador for more information at:

Welcome to VBF International Day of Awareness 2008:

Here are some of the featured highlights on our new VBF International Day of Awareness online campaign headquarters:

Day of Awareness Home
*Newly designed website pages to get you started on your way to a successful event.
*Check the site often for updates on funds raised for Day of Awareness.

Register Event/Order Materials
*We are making it easy for you to register your event and to order materials to make your event a success!
**Register your event online. It’s easy!
**Order free publications and Day of Awareness materials (collection boxes, stickers, newsletters, pamphlets, etc.).
**Order VBF merchandise to sell at your event (bears, bracelets, pins, pendants, etc.).

Tell Your Story
*Families and individuals can share their stories and pictures about living with vascular birthmarks and how they became involved with VBF.
*Read stories from families and individuals about how vascular birthmarks and VBF have impacted their lives.

Event Calendar
*Check this page to see the registered events across the world.
*Links to fundraisers and scheduled events are provided. See what’s going on in your area.

Downloads and Banners
*Download the VBF logo and banner to use in emails and correspondence.
*Download PDF files to help with your campaign.

Buddy Booby Read-Along
*Read about Donna and Evan Ducker, authors of Buddy Booby’s Birthmark.
*Learn how to register your school or organization for the Buddy Booby Read-Along for Tolerance and Awareness.

Contact Us
*Contact information for Day of Awareness and VBF.


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