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Default Contacting Dr. Waner's office

Use the central email* VIB@CHPNET.ORG to contact the office.* The follow up has been much smoother with this.... as everyone is able to read and stay on the same page.* *
Esma is still the first point of contact for incoming patients/contact.* All cases need to go thru her first!*
Danielle the office manager will be taking over for Janna in scheduling surgeries.* They are now giving out tentative dates into August.* Most likely these dates will stick, but she is asking that you wait to schedule flights about a month before your surgery date.
If you are a continuing laser patient, you can call and have those dates scheduled out.*
Esma will probably be the person calling you the night before surgery for pre-op prep.* *
The information that Janna once told you over the phone is now in written form and will arrive with your pre-op paperwork.
Please refrain from giving out their personal phone numbers.* The number of calls they receive is overwhelming.* Dr. Waner's cell needs to be for emergencies...and all emergencies should go thru Esma anyway.* Waner may call you, but it is important that follow up and contact info, details are sent to Esma so she can keep track of all the patients.
If you are contacting Waner for a second opinion, not necessarily wanting to schedule an appt., Esma still needs to be first point of contact...and express that this is a second opinion in the she doesn't send it to scheduling...she will share the information with Waner...and he will contact you with recommendations.
If you email the office and do not receive a return contact within 1 week, email again and follow up with a call. If the case is urgent, please email the information (helpful to use the list of things they need to know on our helpful info section on the vb support group on msn. ) and then follow up with a call to make sure they received it.
I have all the office's contact #s (desk, pager, cell, home, etc.).* If you have an urgent situation please let me know if you can't get a hold of someone at the office.* I don't want to post my phone number on a discussion board...* I do not mind phone calls, but it is typically not quiet here with 2-3 boys playing!!!* *my phone number is also available on the vbf site under parent reps for Washington, Idaho and Oregon. My email address is also available under board members on this website. You can email me at anytime.* Because I work from home, I hear the incoming email often.**
Corinne Barinaga
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