VBF Global Ambassador LogoThe Ask/Accept Anti-Bullying committee promotes a ‘Bully-Free’ zone and will raise awareness in regards to handling bullying, acceptance and provide support within the community. Creating a safe environment for those within our birthmark community and those not affected is of great importance to the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation. This committee is supported by many initiatives geared towards creating an understanding and educating others about VBARS to the best of our ability.

Our Ask/Accept Anti-Bullying pledge was created as a way to acknowledge that our community does not support bullying or any activities that promote bullying, especially towards individuals with a vascular birthmark and/or their affected families. By standing up to fight against bullying we can make a difference together. There are many other ways to continue spreading the message of tolerance and hope, one of which is Buddy Booby Read-Along Events. The first read along launched during the 2006 VBF International Day of Awareness and has been read aloud in hundreds of classrooms, libraries, bookstores, and hospitals since. This book and many other birthmark positivity books continue to be a wonderful tool to create worldwide acceptance for the 1 in 10 individuals born with vascular birthmarks around the world. Join us in the movement to stop bullying, promote acceptance, and model best practices within our community.

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