The Vascular Birthmarks Foundation Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, PhD President and Founder

VBF Global Ambassador
Monthly Newsletter
December, 2018

A monthly update from VBF Global Ambassador Scott Cupples on happenings within the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation’s Global Ambassador Program.

As you know, the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation has created a program for members of the birthmark community to step up in a variety of ways! From spreading awareness in their communities and disseminating information on social media, to holding charity and fundraising events – VBF Global Ambassadors go above and beyond to help families affected by vascular birthmarks.

November was our inaugural ‘VBF Global Ambassador Month of Awareness’ where we challenged Ambassadors to weekly awareness and fundraising challenges to help VBF with its mission. We shared VBF news, raised money via Facebook, initiated fundraising events, and spread awareness in a variety of ways. We also grew the pool of registered VBF Ambassadors to 104, with 214 members on our Facebook group. The VBF Global Ambassador Program also makes a big effort to recognize it’s volunteers, as we share a weekly ‘Ambassador of the Week’ story, as well as ‘Get to Know the Ambassadors’ where we do a Q&A with a member where they share a personal response related to their birthmark story.

Our team is hard at work uploading profiles for the dozens of Ambassadors who signed-up this November, and we appreciate your patience as we do so.

The next steps for our program, are to create the VBF Chapter websites, where we create a platform with doctors and ambassadors to provide information for members of that local community. We have started taking steps to create groups in Europe, with VBF Italy coming out soon with Dr. Giacomo Colletti and Global Ambassador Joie Davidow leading the way.

We’re ALWAYS looking for stories of hope, videos, poetry, and really ANY forms of expressive art that we may share with our larger community. If you’re interested in having your work published by VBF, please reach out!

To learn more about the VBF Global Ambassador program, please reach out to me at, our Facebook group (search Vascular Birthmarks Foundation Global Ambassadors), or register at

VBF Global Ambassadors at our 2018 Conference in New York, New York