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AJ McFarlane, United Kingdom,  None

My name is AJ, I am a young adult from near Glasgow in Scotland with a port wine-stain birthmark on the right side of my face. Throughout my life I have had a huge mountain to climb, as when I was young I also had cancer in the brain, which after surgery left me with a tremor in the right side of my body. As you can imagine with this plus having a birthmark things haven’t been easy right? Short answer is yes, but I have broken down barriers, stigmas and changed peoples perception of me because I have had the driving force of will power, to be the best version of me regardless of having a difficult life.

I now live the life certain people thought was never going to happen. I date, I work out, I go one crazy nights out with friends.

Yes I have been bullied for looking unique, yes I have self harmed in the past due to the mental impact of bullying and staring however I have always pushed through and became the man I am today.

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