The Vascular Birthmarks Foundation

Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, PhD President and Founder

Daniela Velasco, United States (US), California

Hi I’m Daniela, I’m in my mid 20’S, from Los Angeles, California. I was just finally diagnosed with KT about 3 years ago. I have KT on my left leg from above my hip-to my toe. I’ve spent my whole life wondering about what exactly did I have and was struggling with. My Whole life I spent countless times visiting doctors. While Growing up it was hard for my parents to find any help near home and even out of the country. The language barrier that was there didn’t allow them to seek much help and assistance but they did what they could and for that I’m grateful for never giving up. Many times I had given up on myself because of how emotionally draining it could get battling the wars of physical pain, depression, and body positivity issues along with the stress of number of surgeries/ treatment plans. As I get older my KT seems to just be more difficult to live with. But I manage and have hope. I maintain my self active when the opportunity is given and my a leg allows it. I enjoy long hikes, and anything the great outdoors has to offer.  I’m so glad I found the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation over 2 years ago. All of the social media groups and pages along with the website has been very informative/educational for me.  I’ve met people online that I can reach out to that struggle with KT. Never in my life did I ever think I’d be able to connect with someone that had the same battle.  This year I was able to attend the VBF Conference and it was such a great experience for me and now I look forward to attending more in the future.