The Vascular Birthmarks Foundation

Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, PhD President and Founder

Eeghan Pease, United States (US), Texas

Life has been very difficult growing up with a birthmark. Don’t think I could choose just one story. When I was in first grade a bunch of girls pulled me off the front steps of my class room and beat me up. When I was in 4th grade these guys beat up my 1 friend for being my friend. All through elementary to high-school being called 2 face. The 1 I remember most I was in my 20s riding the bus and some guy said to me. Did someone slap you across the face and sit on your head?

I was just blown away one how ignorant people are. You grow up and realize all the things your parents had to go through as well. I all have seizures witch made it even harder because they were very bad when I was young. Glaucoma in my right eye. With all these things going on your dealing with the bullying how different you are from all the other kids. You have all the doctors and you want to rebel not take your medication because you can control that so I think its really important to support and education children so that doesn’t happen.