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Heidi Marijczyn,

I was born with a venous malformation that was misdiagnosed as a hemangioma due to the limited knowledge at the time. My parents researched and got the best treatment offered at the time. My parents helped me to deal with the bullying and develop strong self-esteem. As a result, my birthmark does not define me, it’s just one part of the whole ‘me’. Fast forward to age 21 where my mom discovered new treatment options with Drs. Geronemus and Berenstein at NYC at the time. I had an experimental sclerotherapy surgery. It was intense, so I put it on the back burner. 10 years later my mom saw a tv piece on Dr. Waner and his work. I started treatment with Dr. Waner and Berenstein and had a tissue excision and sclerotherapy surgery along with several laser surgeries. I’ve joined the VBF Ambassador program to provide support, whether peer or for families. I truly feel that our uniqueness makes us memorable!

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