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Jasmine Corrie, Canada,  None

My sons name is Onyx and he was born with Klippel Trenaunay syndrome. When he was born, I realized he had a port wine stain and it didn’t concern me, but little did I know the complications that can bring. It took a few months for him to be diagnosed, as we are from a small city in Canada.

At first, we really took it hard. We knew nothing about the condition, or anyone who has had it, since it’s so rare. Social media has been such a blessing to us. We have befriended and spoke with multiple people and parents of children with KTS. Seeing how their children are thriving, even through the ups and downs of treatment, gave us hope for our sons future. Social media gave us a community of people that give us support, advice and friendship and we are so thankful. We strive to bring more awareness to KTS, in the hope that it will become more well known. Hoping in the future, there will be increased treatments, more educated doctors and one day, a cure.

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