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Jessica Sansonese, United States,  New Jersey

When Kayla was born, the doctor first told us that the right side of her face was bruised during birth, but while he was checking her vitals he realized that it was not a bruise and then informed us that it was a Port Wine Stain. We did not know anything about Port Wine Stains and quickly started doing research; which was very overwhelming. Luckily we were put in touch with some great doctors who walked us through every thing that we would need to do (MRI at 10 days old, 6 month ophthalmology appointments and laser treatments every 3-4 weeks). During her first dermatology appointment we also discovered she had two hemangiomas, in addition to her Port Wine Stain. The VBF community is amazing, and supportive of everyone. I learned so much and hope to spread the knowledge and experience we’ve had over the last 2 years with others! We tell Kayla every day that she is beautiful and strong, and I want to make sure every one feels that way!

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