Jillian Driscoll, United States (US), Connecticut

A small red mark appeared on my daughter’s forehead at approximately 2 weeks of age. It got bigger, more red, and bumpy in texture within a few weeks, which was terrifying as new parents. People would stare, comment, and look concerned as we passed them. We did our own research and saw our pediatrician who confirmed it was a hemangioma. With being hesitant about medications, we chose not to medicate at that time and continue to track it with the pediatrician and dermatologist. Her hemangioma stopped growing when she was about 12 months old, and has since been fading. At 18 months we decided to try topical Timolol medication, and at 22 months decided to start oral Propranolol as well; both to see if the process could be expedited. We love Nora no matter what and we are so glad to be an advocate for her and others that make birthmarks beautiful!!