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Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, PhD President and Founder

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Judy Hamm, United States (US), Alabama

I’m 54, widowed, and have one birth child and custody of two others. Recently, I completed an associates in applied science degree and have been accepted into nursing school for the fall. I was born with a PWS, glaucoma, and a tumor of Weber in the central nervous system of the brain. It only bothers me when it swells, and I have never suffered from seizures or loss of motors skills. My diagnosis came at age four, and I’ve consulted many doctors throughout my journey. Often times, I need to explain my conditions to doctors where I’m from, as they are often unfamiliar. Using Facebook, I am part of many blogs to try and help in any way possible. I realize that no two are the same, but we are all part of a big puzzle and need to stick together.