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Kelsey Mueller, United States,  Virginia

Kelsey Mueller was born with a very large hemangioma which covered her left arm completely from fingertips to chest, neck and shoulder. At the age of two she underwent her first skin graph to close some of the ulcerated areas and release some of the contractures of her elbow and armpit hoping get full range of motion in her arm. The doctors had taken skin from her lower back to use for the skin grafts. Throughout her child hood she went through multiple skin graphs and other surgeries just about every 2-3 years until now to help straighten her arm that has become restricted by scar tissue and the contractures from the past. Many people think that she was burned because of the skin grafts; some even argue that she is lying to them when she says it is her birthmark even to this day. She has found herself having over 30 surgeries and she will need more surgeries in the future and still does not have much range of motion in her arm, but uses these struggles as a platform to raise awareness to vascular birthmarks and the effects they have on people both mentally and physically and continues to cherishes every moment she gets to spend with her daughter and gets to be blessed with the life she has now and raises awareness as much as she can.

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