The Vascular Birthmarks Foundation

Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, PhD President and Founder

Ken Ferdinand Elman, United States (US), New York

My name is Ken, from the Philippines. I was born with a PWS that is covering the right side of my face. Growing up I experienced unusual stares and questions like, ‘Did you meet an accident before,’ or ‘Did you get burnt?’ Good thing I have the strongest support system from my family. I can vividly recall when I was a kid, my Dad would always bring me to his business trips so people will get accustomed to someone who has a huge birthmark on the face. That boosted my morale and confidence since got to meet different types of people. I never had any treatment since I was born, as there was no access to it in my country. It was my ex-GF who did some research on the complications behind it which led me to the Laser and Skin Surgery of NY. I went there for consultation but they treated me for free (the Lord works in mysterious ways and used Dr. Geronemus to help a lot of people with vascular anomalies). I am now on my 20th laser treatment. Through VBF, I would like create awareness that the Family plays a big role in shaping up your kid’s self confidence. I would also like to emphasize that being different is beautiful and all you have to do is embrace your uniqueness.