Mayondi Jayasundara, Sri Lanka

I’m Mayondi Jayasundara (29years old) from Sri Lanka. When I was a little child I didn’t have much bad experience with my birthmark. When the time came for me to start college life, I felt so different from my colleagues. Most of the girls had boyfriends, and no one interested in me. Time went on, and after 13 yrs of school life I became a graduate at the University of Colombo as I completed my Masters Degree last year. Very recently, I married a very handsome gentlemen. My parents are always backing me when something bad happened in my life because of my birthmark. One year ago, I did my first surgery to balance my bulky lip due to this birthmark. I’m looking for laser treatments in other counties since laser treatment professionals are not available in Sri Lanka.

Anyhow today I’m a happy woman.