Michelle Daga, Australia

Michelle Daga is an Australian journalist, freelance writer, nutritionist, holistic pregnancy care practitioner and birth activist. And she happens to have a facial Port Wine Stain birthmark. Michelle realised she was different from a young age and was subjected to bullying throughout her primary and high school years.

Determined to complete her education and pursue her dream of writing, Michelle finished her schooling through distance education before landing her dream job as a cadet journalist. Since then, Michelle’s career has evolved and she has created several businesses using her own life experiences to help and inspire others.

Michelle also has coeliac disease and enjoys developing gluten free vegan recipes, supporting others with going gluten free, advocating for birthing rights, and spending time with her husband and infant son. As a survivor of bullying and domestic violence, Michelle is passionate about her role as a VBF Global Ambassador, sharing her story to support other people living with birthmarks, and raise awareness and acceptance in the global community.