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Noella Angel, Australia,  None

I was born with a rare vascular malformation called klippel trenaunay syndrome that affects my right leg and from 95 embolisation – 79 of these embolisations where done in the USA, my family had traveled there 18 times over 8 years, we lived there for two and traveled for the rest – these where testing time on my amazing mum, who had shear determination to get her daughter healthy.

Now from theses treatments I’ve ended up with muscles contractions, shortening of the leg and a fused ankle, nerve damage and lots more but horses have always been the one thing that has adapted to me as things changed, the one think that has kept me sane and at times drive me mad!

I’ve been riding since I was 2 and over the time of travel it took a back seat to health and treatments then as time progresses and a small bump couldn’t kill me, I rode more and more. I went through the pony club levels to K certificate and was also apart of RDA at later times as an independent rider, this led time to Para Dressage. I became a grade 5 Para rider in 2012 and have been come up the level a ever since and well I’m not your typicle Para Equestrian I’ve ridden in all types of competitions including: dressage, showjumping, eventing, campdrfting, stockmans challenge and lots more.

It’s my dream to ride overseas for Australia and use my competition to promote and raise awareness of KTS and AVM and show others that no matter what you are given you can keep going and make the most of it.

Riding is a freedom, that can not be explained – the horse gives me the legs I lack

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