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Retha Botha, South Africa,  None

I’m Retha Botha, a 47yr old mother, wife, Private Nurse Practitioner and I have a port-wine stain birthmark on the right side of my face. My aim is to increase awareness in South Africa regarding treatment available to patients and to work for patients’ rights to be treated. Also, I would like to encourage doctors to increase their knowledge regarding Vascular Brithmarks. Vascular birthmarks need to be recognised by medical aids as a medical condition, that needs treatment and to change the perception and legislation, that it is a cosmetic treatment. We as patients are born this way and we didn’t choose to have a vascular birthmark. I encourage my birthmark buddies to contact me, we can assist each other in dealing with the challenges that we face in South Africa. I am a mother who’s heart is broken for children who are bullied and called names. My goal is to assist my buddies to deal with every day coping and living with a birthmark.

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