Sabrina Rahmi Adiyar, Indonesia

Hello! My name is Sabrina and I have port wine stain birthmark on my cheek and chin. When I was a child, neither my parents nor I know what kind of birthmark that is so we didn’t do any treatment. But when I started college, we went to dermatologist and I surprised to know that the treatment cost so high, so I choose to not to do it.

When I was in elementary school, I experienced some bullying because of my mark. They mocked me as if I used a lot of lipstick. Growing up with little self confidence, my biggest fear is when I have to meet new people and adapting to a new environment. I also have a lot of worries how if nobody would accept me when it’s the time I have to enter professional world and looking for a job.

Seeing VBF Community, I read many people who have the same stories supporting each other and it really encourage me. I do really hope that I could meet everyone in person someday!