The Vascular Birthmarks Foundation

Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, PhD President and Founder

Savannah Raye Hash, United States (US), Kentucky

Hi! My name is Savannah. I was born in Lexington KY in 1986 with a Port Wine Stain Birthmark on the left side of my face. I had an amazing upbringing with unconditional love and support from my family and a select few friends who never looked at or treated me any different from the others.

Early on in school I was mocked and ridiculed for having a PWS. It made it hard to maintain my mental happiness. I remember as early as age 3 strangers asking me if I had been beaten or if I had a rash. It crushed me every time. I had my first surgery at 2.

The doctor used the laser and had it set way to high for me. He burned my temple which cause pain and humiliation for many years and I ended up have plastic surgery at age 4 to correct the damage he had caused. I have struggled mentally with having a birthmark my whole life until I turned 30 when I realized I AM beautiful inside and out!