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Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, PhD President and Founder

Presenting our Vascular Birthmark Awareness Spotlight:

The Catalanotto Family

We are proud to highlight an exceptional advocate for Vascular Birthmarks awareness in our VBF Awareness Spotlight

Frank and Barbara Catalanotto are VBF’s Honorary Chairpersons, and the largest individual event fundraisers in our history.

Frank and Barbara hosted the 8th Annual Frank Catalanotto Foundation Golf Classic on August 6, 2018 at the prestigious Old Westbury Country Club in Long Island, New York. Now in its 12th year, the Catalanotto Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness and aiding with the early intervention of vascular birthmarks. Its 2018 Golf Classic and related fundraising efforts contributed over $45,000 in support of VBF programming.

The Catalanotto Foundation was formed in honor of their daughter, Morgan, who was born with a hemangioma and networked into treatment by Dr. Linda. We thank the Catalanotto family for their longtime benevolence and commitment to serving VBF’s families.

Through their fundraising efforts over the past decade, Frank, Barbara and the Frank Catalanotto Foundation have sponsored numerous transformative surgeries and enabled thousands of families to attend our annual VBF conference for FREE. This wonderful family and their Foundation have changed the lives of countless members of our community. Simply put, VBF’s non-profit work would not be possible without their support.

Join Barbara, Frank and the Catalanotto Foundation in raising awareness for vascular birthmarks today:

Be sure to check back for registration details about the 2019 Annual Frank Catalanotto Golf Classic, scheduled for Summer of 2019  in Long Island, New York.

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