My Birthmark. My Story.

The VBF International Month of Awareness for Vascular Birthmarks, Anomalies and Syndromes is in May and the VBF Day of Awareness is on May 15, marked by US Congressional Resolution. Join our virtual movement as people around the world promote acceptance of birthmarks and raise funds to help bring those who need treatment together with the experts who can help them. Together, we continue the movement.

VBF has networked over 150,000 patients into treatment and answered over 250,000 family inquiries in the last quarter century. As a non-profit, we rely on your contributions to offer international education programs, conferences, free laser treatments, free consultations, and many other initiatives that help ensure every birthmark patient has an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Your partnership in raising awareness for our community and funds for VBF changes lives.

Here's how you can join the movement!

Become a VBF Champion

An early and accurate diagnosis can save lives. Become a VBF Champion today to help transform the lives of children and adults with vascular birthmarks all over the world, one birthmark at a time.

Corporate Partner Tool Kit

Our corporate partners make possible our public mission. We invite our partners to use this tool kit to help us multiply our impact for our Month of Awareness in May.

Join the Virtual Buddy Booby Read-Along

Make the most of social distancing. Join Abby by sharing a reading of Buddy Booby's Birthmark in the comfort of your own home, or Read-Along with her on Facebook.

Sign the VBF Anti-Bullying Pledge

Our goal is 2,020 signatures for 2020 VBF Perfect Vision. By standing together against bullying, we can make a difference. Sign the pledge now!

Run for Team VBF

There is a VBF Walk / Run for everyone. Host a virtual race, sign up for a local event, plan an informal walk with friends or attend the PPD Walk/ Run.

Start a Facebook Fundraiser

May 15 is VBF Giving Day! Start a VBF Facebook Fundraiser in just a few minutes and ask your family and friends to honor you or someone you love by making a gift to VBF.

Educate with VBF Fact Sheets

Download & share our series of VBF Fact Sheets with your local networks to join us in raising awareness and educating our community world-wide.

Customize a Give2MyVBF Page

For Giving Day on May 15, customize a Give2MyVBF Page to share your story and ask for contributions to non-profit mission.  Every Give2myVBF page host this May will receive a free gift from Dr. Linda.

Need More Ideas?

Contact us today for even more ways to Raise Funds and Awareness for VBF or check out our Awareness In Action page!

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