Vascular Birthmarks Foundation

Day of Awareness

Ways to Raise Funds and Awareness for VBF

Sponsor a Family
Each year, VBF organizes a conference and clinic where families learn about the latest developments in the treatment of vascular birthmarks, and then have a clinic appointment with a team of medical experts. Families in financial need can have the conference fee waived and receive a free night of lodging. We suggest a goal of $500 which will sponsor one family to attend our conference. Any money you raise may be used toward that goal. If you raise more than $500 it will go toward sponsoring a second family, and so on.

At a Workplace

  • Sticker Day. Ask each co-worker to wear a VBF International Day of Awareness Sticker in exchange for a donation to VBF or to just raise awareness. Stickers are provided free of charge.
  • Initiate a Dress Down to make a Difference. Each employee can dress in casual clothes in exchange for a donation to VBF. Stickers are provided free of charge.
  • Solicit for Corporate Sponsorship. Ask your company to sponsor your event, or make a direct donation. Sponsorship materials are provided free of charge.
  • Ask that this year's company charitable collection is designated and/or matched for VBF.
  • Leave a VBF Donation Box in the office for a month.
  • Use a United Way pledge card to designate VBF in your company's campaign. Tax ID # 16-1515227.
  • Purchase flowers through our special link that donates 15% of purchases directly to VBF.

With Children and Families

  • Collect orders for VBF awareness bracelets, charms, or Buddy Booby's Birthmark books. We'll provide order forms and ship to you for free.
  • Read the Buddy Booby's Birthmark book in a classroom or library. Visit Buddy Booby's Birthmark for details about the Read Along.
  • A VBF Birthday Party where birthday gifts are donated to VBF.
  • Host a VBF Fundraiser Night at a restaurant that will donate a percentage of that night's sales. Popular restaurants include Panera, Friendly's, Subway, and Chipotle.
  • Organize Pennies for a Purpose Drive and ask classes to compete to see who collects the most coins.
  • Have a Lemonade Stand, Car Wash, Bake Sale or Yard Sale to raise funds and awareness.

Get Media Coverage

  • Post the VBF Day of Awareness logo on social media
  • Facebook: Instagram: @VBirthmarks Twitter: @VBirthmarks
  • Publish your or your loved one's birthmark story in the local newspaper.
  • Post a photo of you or a loved one wearing a birthmark on May 15th for VBF's Ask/Accept 'Put On Your Birthmark' Anti-Bullying campaign.
  • Request that your town government issue a proclamation for VBF Day of Awareness on May 15th.
  • Write a Letter to the Editor expressing the importance of insurance companies to provide coverage for the treatments of vascular birthmarks.
  • Advertise that VBF offers college scholarships to students living with a vascular birthmark.

For Adults

  • Create a Give2myVBF personal fundraiser page. Use our easy link to personalize a page on our website and send the link to all your friends, family, and contacts.
  • Use our Day of Awareness post card free of charge to send an appeal via US mail or write your own personal appeal letter.
  • Host a social event such as a speaker, dinner party, or gala in honor of VBF or an individual.
  • Distribute VBF Information Pamphlet to your local pediatricians and dermatologists.
  • Give local physicians information about the VBF Annual Conference and Clinic held in October.
  • Donate proceeds from a home sales party such as Pampered Chef, Avon, jewelry or candle party.
  • Organize a basket raffle at the next event by your religious affiliation, civic club, or community group.
  • Include an appeal to donate to VBF in your holiday card mailing.
  • Take part in a marathon and represent VBF.
  • Host a Golf Tournament or 5K Walk/Run.

Join the awareness movement to help make a difference! Every action counts.

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