To coincide with our Day of Awareness, which is May 15th, we have established a VBF Day of Awareness – Power of One – Starter Kit. This kit is for “one individual” who would like to raise awareness and also help raise needed funds for VBF. It’s easy for someone who wants to do something for our annual DOA but can’t think of an event. Also, you don’t have to wait for May 15th to order the starter kit because every day is a day to raise awareness about vascular birthmarks and to help us raise needed funds.

Here is all you have to do: Request and receive your DOA-Power of One – Starter Kit. The kit initially costs $29.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling. The kit will include the following contents:

1. 10 DOA Postcards 4. 10 VBF silicone bracelets
2. 10 VBF Brochures 5. 1 return self-addressed envelope for returning donations
3. 10 VBF DOA Stickers 6. VBF – DOA – POWER OF ONE – STARTER KIT (this sheet)

braceletThe VBF silicone bracelet is embossed with the message "COURAGE – CONFIDENCE - VBF.” Each bracelet normally sells for $5.00 each ($50 for 10). However, with the starter kit, we are asking you to collect a $10 donation for each bracelet and give the donor a VBF brochure to raise awareness along with a “thank you” sticker. You can then follow up a week later by sending them a thank you post card. Once you have received the donations for all 10 bracelets you can return the money collected in the self-addressed stamped envelope that we are including with the starter kit. This would enable you to raise $100 for VBF and to tell 10 people about VBF and vascular birthmarks. We will be announcing each year in our annual report the number of people that have been educated about vascular birthmarks through the POWER OF ONE starter kit. If you cannot donate the $29.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling to VBF as your personal contribution, you can deduct the cost of the kit (total of $34.95) from the $100 you collect and send VBF the difference which is $65.05 in the enclosed envelope (with this completed sheet) or you can send the money on-line and indicate that it is your donation from the Power of One Starter Kit. In this respect, it won’t cost you anything to raise awareness and needed funds for VBF. One person can make a difference. Let it be you!

Order the Power of One Starter Kit by mail (pdf)