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rand 08-15-2002 04:44 PM

Affected Adults
I'm 43 and I grew up with my hemangioma (and trach) scars, and deaf in one ear; there was no treatment option when I was born, and there was no information out there when I went looking for it. I never had surgery because in my teens the only options available would only have left other scars in place of the ones being "treated". I'd be interested in sharing experiences, thoughts, feelings, laughs or tears with others similarly situated.

VBFPresident 10-07-2002 04:23 PM

Re:Affected Adults
For all adults who have hypertrophic scarring or residuum from an old hemangioma, there are treatments that can improve your skin. Please contact one of our primary docs such as Dr. Edwin Williams in Albany, NY, or Dr. Marcelo Hochman in Charleston, SC or Dr. Milton Waner, in Little Rock, Arkansas. They specialize in not only hemangioma and vascular tumor removal but also in correction of skin deformities from
vascular lesions.

Let us thank God for the internet and the ability to have this foundation today and to be able to reach millions all over the world. This and very little was available 10 years ago, let alone 40 years ago. We have come a long way.

Linda Rozell-Shannon

hankbartenbach 11-23-2002 06:50 AM

Re:Affected Adults
Hi everybody my name is Hank Bartenbach.
I am twenty years old and I have had PWS and vascular malformation's (hemangeoma's). I have been haveing laser treatments for about fourteen years. I am on my third laser at this time.
I live in Nevada and I have been looking for the technolgy in my area that can remove my malformation because they are to big to be removed my laser treatment. The doctors told my parents ten years ago that I could get the blood supply to my face cut off but it would leave the chance to loose my eye site so my parents did not do it.
I have been looking for the technolgy that can cut off the blood supply to certain spots on my head so the laser treatment will make it go away and it will not fill back up with blood.

If anybody could help please? ;)

If anyone has any questions please ask.

Talk to everybody soon.

Hank B

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