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hankbartenbach 02-06-2005 08:43 AM

Ask Hank
Hi everybody,

If you are a Guest or a member to this site, and want to talk, I am here. You can email me personally (email in profile or just post to this topic or make a new one with your question to the group. If you want to keep it personnal I will respect your wishes, if you want to share or seek additional information I can help point you in the right direction.

Let me know if anybody has any questions and I hope to talk to everybody soon.


Clara 08-05-2005 12:08 PM

Re: Ask Hank group
HI, I am new to this site. I have a port wine stain on my upper lip on my face. I have been reading what everyone has been writing, and everyone seems friendly. I don't really know anyone else with a birthmark.
Am interested in talking to more people about it.
Thanks, Clara.

hankbartenbach 08-06-2005 06:18 PM

Re: Ask Hank group
Hi Clara,

Welcome to the site.

I am Hank 23 with facial PWS/SWS.

There are a lot of people on this site that have never met another person with PWS. I have met several. Some that have PWS worse then me and those that do not. If you would like to see pictures of others with PWS they are in the PWS section in a few posts. One of them is marked "Pictures of PWS". You would have to look thru the pages of the PWS section, it should not be past page 5. If you would like to see pictures of my PWS you can go to my website or click on one of my topics in the PWS section.

Is there any questions about your PWS you would like to ask? We are all here to help you and would be happy to answer any of your questions.

Hope to talk to you soon.


Clara 08-08-2005 02:49 AM

Re: Ask Hank group
Thanks Hank,

I'm looking forward to looking on those sites now.
Cheers, Clara.

tweety 09-16-2005 11:41 PM

Re: Ask Hank group
hank its tweety im having surgery on monday the 19th and im still scared

hankbartenbach 09-17-2005 02:55 AM

Re: Ask Hank group
Hi Tweety,

You will do just fine on Monday. I know how you feel. It will always be herve racking. Just keep in mind the sooner you get there the sooner you will be done with this surgery.

I get to see a new doctor here in Nebraska. I just want to get it over with. Since I will be doing the educating during that appointment. LOL

Good luck,


vida 04-13-2006 05:05 PM

THANKS for your help
Dear hank i had surgery on nov. 22,05.m I could notdo it with out your support thanks for all your help ;D. Bye.


hankbartenbach 04-13-2006 06:12 PM

Re: Ask Hank
Hi Vida,

You are very welcome. How is the healing going? I had surgery on Nov 15th. All healed up now. :)

Talk to you soon.


hanisah 05-09-2006 06:16 PM

hey hank... and everyone else..:p

i am just curious.. does it really hurt.. the laser surgery.. can u describe the pain in words? how long does it take to heal? how much does it cost u? well i checked online.. the laser surgery is charged at 800 SGD.. per session here.. which is about 510 US.. and they said i might need 3 to 8 sessions.. so i was thinking.. if it hurt and cost alot.. then maybe it not that worth it.. :rolleyes:

hankbartenbach 05-21-2006 03:38 PM


Sorry I did not see this post after posted I did not have internet for awhile.

In my opinion laser treatment does not really hurt any more but I have built up a talerance for it after the past 18 years of doing it. It does have some discomfort maybe an hour or two after the treatment. The older ones felt like rubberbands snapping your skin which always hurt. The most common today, the V-Beam Pulse Dye Laser that I use feels like an aircompresser brust of air hitting your skin. That feeling is the cooling device that makes this treatment less painful. Healing time is around one week give or take a day. But it really depends on the person and how agressive the machine is set at. For you first treatment they will not set it high at all because it will be more of a testing to see how your skin reacts to the laser.

Pricing for treatment is really hard to judge for the fact that every state here in the USA is different. Every doctor even is. Depends on how they work with the insurance companies.

I hope this helps, let me know if you need any other info on this.


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