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hankbartenbach 03-03-2005 06:41 AM

My after surgery thoughts of Dr. Waner
Hello everybody,

I just wanted to let the people that have been thinking about surgery with Dr. Waner, or have been doing research on him this is for you.

First of all this man is playing god, (in a good way) he preforms miricals on a daily basis. I do not know how relegis Waner is but God was holding his had during my surgery. I only lost 4 tablespoons of blood, this was very very suprising because of my rare deformed internal cratoid artery.

Second, my hyperplaged areas of PWS has been reduced a great deal, and that is just the first phase of my reconstructive surgeries.

There are several other people on this site that have either had their own or their child's PWS or H's removed from Dr. Waner, including the daughter of founder of this website. She has even writen a book with Dr. Waner.

If anybody would like more info on Dr. Waner the surgeon God, please asks we are all here to support and help you.


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