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veroluv1 03-04-2005 10:51 PM

Im 22 and i have a PWS
Hi my name is Veronica. I am 22 and i have lived with a Port Wine stain my whole life. It is located on my right arm and on the right side of my chest. I would really love to get it removed but i don't know where to start. I am from NYC. If anyone has some reccomendations on doctors in NY i would really appreciatie it.

Thank you

nickbar 03-04-2005 11:05 PM

Re: Im 22 and i have a PWS
Contact: Dr. Roy Geronemous
317 East 34th Street
New York, NY 10016-4974
212 686 7306

He can talk to you about laser for pws.


Jin9084 03-05-2005 02:17 PM

Re: Im 22 and i have a PWS
Hi and welcome to the group. Dr. Geronemous is a wonderful doctor. I know a couple of people who have their child treated by him. He uses the V-beam.

alexasmommy 03-05-2005 02:47 PM

Re: Im 22 and i have a PWS
Hi. My daughter uses Dr Geronemus and I am very pleased with him. I think he is the best. What he has accomplished for my daughter is wonderful.
He is at the Laser and Skin Surgery center. It is on 34th street between 1st and 2nd avenue.
I would definately reccommend him. Good luck....

hankbartenbach 03-05-2005 06:30 PM

Re: Im 22 and i have a PWS
Hi Veronica,

Welcome to the site, I am 22 years old with PWS/SWS on my face and head.

I know how you feel having to live with awere condition since birth.

Maybe in June when I come to NYC for another surgery on my face with Dr. Waner, we can get together and chat.

If you want to talk more email me. My email is in my profile.

Talk to you later.


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