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hankbartenbach 04-11-2005 04:51 PM

Your stories guide lines. Please read before posting in this section!! Thank You
Hi everybody,

Welcome to the newest section of the board. Here we have a section reserved just for your stories that are related to Vascular Birthmarks, and for parents to see how adults have delt with growing with a VB.

You can reply to a story, but if the replies get off track from the orignal story, I will move the post to the other group in this section.

Remember you can always update your post (story) with out repling to it. Just click on edit.

Thank you, and am looking forward to hearing your stories.


eprmo 04-11-2005 05:15 PM

Re: Your stories guide lines

I think this a great idea, and I think this is so therapeutic for the people writing it, and the "parents" and "teens" reading it as well.


hankbartenbach 04-11-2005 05:26 PM

Re: Your stories guide lines
Your right Elissa,

I emailed to Linda and Missy about this and Linda loved the idea. It will be interesting to see what responses we have on it.

Talk to you later.


Nicolefila 09-25-2007 05:28 AM

I also think this is a great idea. I would tell my story only it's so long it would take up about 3 pages.

carol22 07-21-2010 07:26 PM

Here is my story,
I thought I was born with my PWS, now reading this could it have grown so large over the years. My PWS is all on one arm, most of my face,chest, and back. It was very painful to grow up with this. I wish to God my parents had my PWS treated as a kid. As an adult I have gone through 3years of treatments. I do have to say, I'm wearing less make-up now, but I still wont leave the house without make-up. So lets be real abouit PWS they are horrable and ugly. They should be treated as early as possible. Sure beauty comes from the inside? Or does it. Not so when people see your PWS first.

anaana 07-25-2011 10:22 PM

My story was inspired by God, because he created me as a different person. The God decided to embellish the half of my face with a big, big red birthmark. Can you imagine how difficult it was to live with an ugly face in our society and how difficult it was for me to become a model? Yes, you heard right, now I am a model, my photos are at the exhibition of the most beautiful girls of my country. But I am not sure that any of the photographers knows that I am with a congenital defect. Thus, I begin my confession, my story of inspiration.

When I was a girl at the age of seven, I got used to intrusive gazes, but nobody had ever mocked at me before. Fortunately, soon I was able to experience such a feeling of humiliation. I want to mention here, that pupils were very happy to invent new funny jokes about me so it led me to join karate trainings. And all my dreams became true soon, all these boys and girls became my friends and nobody had ever touched me again. After eleven years I passed exam of black belt and my examiner was the chief instructor of Shotokan Karate-Do Mr. Hitoshi Kasuya.

But why did I turn into a beautiful girl and how did I do that? - Hormones. I was fifteen and i had never even kissed a boy. Of course, who wants to kiss an ugly girl, even if she is a sportswoman and one of the best students at lyceum? And something unbelievable happened in my life. I found a solution. I read a book about a subconscious power of our brain. Every night before the sleep I began to repeat the same sentence “I have no birthmark, I am beautiful”. I really had hopes to wake up one day a pretty girl, but frankly speaking it was a waste of time.

In short, I bought a good foundation makeup and in 5 minutes I was like a Hollywood star with soft skin and I did not need meditation anymore. Actually, I will never forget that day full of real boundless happiness, caused by admiration of men. They looked at a nice tall girl with long hair, blue eyes, inflated body and long legs. It was amazing!!! But I did not hear their compliments; I heard only one question in my head:” Why has nobody seen my long hair and blue eyes before?”

Soon a group of professional photographers offered me a place of their collection for exhibition of the most beautiful girls in my country. They took a lot of portrait photos. Can you imagine what I was feeling when I stood near my big photo and saw people who admired it? I was thinking about all those bad depressed moments in my life, about people who laughed at me and I was grateful to them for my strength.

Hereby, my birthmark was my inspiration to do my best in this life. Moreover, my defect is still my inspiration that is why I am writing a book for disabled people, who are oppressed by their fate. I want them to overcome it, because I know how it hurts and how they suffer from their defects. That is why I have done my utmost to be accepted to UK university (Business and Management), because I want to help people like me. I am eager to organize a good foundation for them, to feel yourself normal and to guide them to succeed in life, because the life is so wonderful. Sometimes we do not see it because of some "barriers"!

It is my story of inspiration, which is not finished.

KarenC 06-25-2013 02:56 PM

My Birthmark story - Full thigh and quarter calf
Ok so when I was born I had no meat on my thigh and quarter calf, doctors said there was no hope. One doctor said she had knowledge of hope come see her. Long story short mum and dad exercised my leg for over seven hours a day for over two years. I grew up thinking I was normal but all my capillaries were on the underside of my skin. I did 27 years of laser surgery and sclerotherapy. It was like dark purple. I got it down to 80 % lighter and laser said they thought they couldnt do any more for me.At 45 i still had my birthmark and no hope of wearing that pair of shorts or wear whatever I liked. Yes well I could hide it. First day of school at 5 and everyone gave heaps to a fat girl, she had no friends. I thought about my leg, first time ever and thought if they seen I was different it would happen to me too. So i hid it as best as I could all my life.Became quite notorious for not taking crap of no one. Hurt me Ill hurt you. By the way in year 5 I beat all the people up that made that fat girl cry and I was her friend and a good one at that. Any how decided at 45 Id get a tattoo. No one in my town gets leg sleeves but hey I researched it. Men said its not sexy and most pictures never really had a full picture only parts. Researched the tattooist, told her what she was in for. The tattooist reckons she didn't sleep for three days, OMG I didn't sleep for a week and didn't want to answer my phone in case she decided not to take me on. She nearly did ring. This is why I joined this Forum. My dad said Id die doing it and wasn't pleased. It kept at the bottom of my mind. I contacted doctors and I could have anti infection tablets at any time. My leg is like a hemophiliac over my mark. So i sustained drinking prior 2 days. I just wanted to say something I thought so horrible is now the most beautiful part of my body. I feel bad cause I couldn't accept my mark. I'm still to get the photographs from the last laser hospital and once released i will make my story public. Yes you can get tattooed over a mark, you can get tattooed over burns, scars. If you find the right tattooist they can slow the needle down, they can try not go as deep. Your skin will reject the ink once its had enough. Its cost me but nothing like the dollars Ive spent over the years. Ive only just finished and if your looking that direction to tattoo over a mark Id say in the next year you will see me in a magazine showing it can be done. It takes like a month to get over a session depending where it is, but if you had normal skin, dont forget mine was tampered (27 years laser) you would be well in a week, no pain. Its also very painful over the mark and depending on how you look at it i would reccomend small sessions of three hours a time max. I left some birthmark just a tad so I can check on my circulation, looks like a bruise. I am so glad I did what I did. Saw an older lady the other day in the supermarket checking it out and sneering, it really made me happy, because theres always two sides to a story and I learnt that when I was five. Hope Ive helped someone

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