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Dyan 04-11-2005 08:02 PM

Dyan's story
Hi all

My name is Dyan and I'm 29.* I have a fairly dark pws on the right side of my face, surrounding my nose and a bit on my forehead.

I'm Canadian and have moved around a fair bit.* I think that was the most difficult part for me growing up - at least the one in grade 7.* If there would be one piece of advise I would give to parents it would be if you can avoid it at all, do not move during puberty.* Teenagers can be so mean! >:(* I was a pretty outgoing kid, until then.* The teenage years were pretty rough - I became pretty shy and introverted and quite jealous of my brother (he was cute and popular and boy could I be mean to him)* We fought constantly until I moved out of the house to go to university.* (We get along great now . . .)

I've had about 20 laser surgeries (all in the early 90s) with limited results.* I've done the pulse dye laser (thank God, we've progressed past that one!) and I think the second one was called a KTP laser.* I had a little fading, but nothing substantial, and nothing that justified the a) time b) travel c) money and d) pain (mostly with the dye laser - about 1992)* I'm sure the pain factor has diminished substantially since then.

About time I turned 20 I had the life is too darn short realization and just decided that people were going to love me for me, or not at all.* I burst out of my shyness bubble.* And the rest, as they say, is history.

I have a bachelor's degree in English and History and a Master's degree in Library and Information Studies.* You guessed it, I'm a Librarian - to answer your next question, I'm one of the loudest librarians I've ever met, and I only shush the people I really have to* ;).*

I'm in a great relationship with a man who loves me exactly the way that I am.* I also know that, should I decide to get treatment again, he would be completely supportive of my decision.

Well, I guess, in a nutshell, that's it.
I hope this helps . . . feel free to ask me questions, if you want.
Take care,

hankbartenbach 04-12-2005 02:25 AM

Re: Dyan's story
Hi Dyan,

That was a very nice story. I defently could relate to allot of what you said.

The PDL you used left little round dots hu? That was the first ever PDL they made and it felt like a hundred rubber bands hitting your face in one zap.
Just so you know the V-Beam PDL (the newest one) is three times as fast, and does not hurt near as much.

Thanks again for sharing.


Lucy784 11-01-2005 07:27 PM

Re: Dyan's story
HI Dyan,

My name is Cassie. I am 20 year old female (I can send some pictures if you would like to put a name to the face). I gre up in Orange County, and I now live in the Bay Area (San Francisco). I was born with a PWS on the right side of my face (covered about 75%). It is a rich cherry color :) that I have grown to love (not really..but I have to deal with it). I have had 40+ laser surgeries, and it now covers about 25% of the right side of my face. It is underneath my right eye, about an inch in diameter and extends all the way down to my lip (it is a little on my lip and right gum..not that noticible). My parents started treatment when I was a little baby. And it has faded significantly. It is a very aggressive stain and does not want to go away! When I look at baby pictures my mother used to smother me with makeup, and I for sure understand why she did it...even though a four year old running around with a pound of foundation on doesn't seem right if you ask for my opinion!

Now that I am older, It does affect me more and more. However, I try not to think about it. I do get sick of applying layers of makeup, and fearing that if I don't people will look at me funny or kinda stare a little bit. It is actually kinda funny! I have blue blue blue eyes (like a Husky)..and people will come up to me and say "You have the most georgeous eyes I have ever seen in my entire life"..and sometimes I truly am flattered and other times I think to myself...Are you kidding me I have a huge mark on the right side of my face aren't you kinda curious about it? (Even though I want to crawl into a hole when people even ask me about my birthmark). Or when people say to me.."I wish I could have your eyes for a day! And i think to myself...If only I could have perfect skin! I have said before there are the good days..sometimes I do not even notice it, and there are the really crappy days when I do wish I could have perfect complection! I look in the mirror and sometimes do not even notice it and other times it is all I see! When I apply the makeup I feel I am trying to trick people...or If I take photographs I have to take them from the left side. It is very hard to deal with.

I think I have rambled long enough! Hope to keep in touch! I found your words very inspiring!

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