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violetchick 04-23-2005 08:40 PM

Relationships with a PWS
Hello everyone,
I am an adult with a PWS. I'm 35. I have been having problems dating. Most of the people I know with PWS have/are in relationships. I wonder if it is just me. It would help a lot if you would post to the poll.
Thanks very much in advance.
Have a great day,

hankbartenbach 04-24-2005 06:43 AM

Re: Relationships with a PWS
Hi Violetchick,

First of all Welcome to the site.

I moved this subject to this group because the other one is strictly for stories. Read the topic that posted for guide lines on the stories for more details.

My name is Hank 22 with PWS/SWS.

I have had dating problems as far back as I can even remember being interested in girls. Where is your PWS located? I have it on my face and head. In my age group and younger girls are so judgemental towards looks. They can not see past my PWS to see the real me.
I know allot of people with PWS. Some that are Married, kids, and even grand kids. I know allot more that are not in relationships.

What state do you live in? I can put you into contact with guys and gals that might live close or even in the same state as you. I am active on other groups that have more adults with PWS in them. If you want more info email me

Back to relationships. I have been in some relationships, some serious some not. I have allot more girl friends, but just friends relationships. It does get really lonely. I live by myself and I do not live close to any relatives. The closest is my sister and she is 70 miles away in Denver CO.

Well I know this is just the iceing of where this discussion can go, but it is getting late here so I will talk to you soon.


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