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hankbartenbach 04-02-2003 07:21 PM

July 11-13 Sturge Weber International Conference
Hi everybody this is Hank and I am just wondering how many people out there are going to the 2003 Sturge Weber International Conference on July 11-13 in Denver, CO. It will be my first conference that I have been to. For all that do not know what Sturge weber is it is a syndrome that deals with PWS, H's, seizures, and glacoma, and etc. There are so many kinds of this syndrome these four are the only ones I know right off the top of my head. If you want to find out if you or your child has SWS go to there website it is this website also is where you can go to find out info about the conference. This website is just like VBF where you can talk to people with similar problems as this website. I am a member of that website as well as this one.

If you have any questions about this conference message me back or go to SWF website and look it up.
Talk to everybody soon.

Hank B

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