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jhj_79 04-30-2003 03:02 PM

words of encouragement
I'm 24 and have had a hemangioma in my tongue neck and cheek since birth. I know what its like growing up with everything. Bottom line is people are mean but you can make it through. I now am happily married to a gorgeous wonderful woman and have two beautiful children (a two year old dadies girl and a 3 week old boy). All it is, is a hurdle that you have to learn to over come. Mine is very prevelant on my cheek and tongue. Everyone that knows me will tell you that at first they didn't know how to take me and felt uncomfortable but within a few minutes of talking to me other things began to disappear so to speek. Your own self confidence and self esteem will lead you in either a good or bad direction. I have worked and built mine up as much as possible. I'm in better shape than most people my age which I consider a feat since I have a surgery where I can't do any physical activity for six weeks about every two years. Its kind of a roller coaster getting healed and in shape and getting knocked back down but getting up from it is whats important. Recently I returned to college to get a degree in nurseing to hopefully work with children like myself and show them the light that I have found. In fact I had my first 4.0 this semester and my GPA over the last three has been a 3.6 or higher. if anyone needs to talk or just wants to ven frustration I'm here to listen.

sweet pea 05-18-2007 07:31 PM

well it is nice to hear a success story so to speak. its great to hear that you are doing well. i myself am looking to get into the medical field. I am volunteering at the local hospital right now and enjoy it so much. Keep up the good work and good luck. :cool:

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