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anna091880 04-21-2006 10:04 PM

:) hi everyone i have a venous malformation on my right cheek i am 25 years old....i have had about 6 sergeries which were successfull at first and then the avm just kept growing back....i am misarable living with this and am hoping to get some treatment with dr. yakes in colorado....has anyone tried this doctor? it is very expencive about $35000 per treatment......So i just wanted to talk to some people before i went all the way from Washington to is my last hope.....
thank you

KristieinStMarysGA 04-21-2006 11:24 PM

I have used him twice, although I do think Swedish Medical Center overcharges as some other doctors quoted me with a bit cheaper price, plus that I have heard of much more complicated procedures costing MUCH LESS! But in this case, I thought it was wiser to go with Dr.Yakes even though it cost more.

He is an awesome doctor and so are his staff members ( I saw his PA Dave most of the time before and after the treatment) He is fantastic and worth the trip. I know the Marriot in the Denver Tech Center offers a substantial discount to patients of the Swedish Medical Centers, keep in mind you get what you pay for (it was 50 dollars a night).

Let me know if you need anything.


hankbartenbach 04-22-2006 02:40 AM


I too have seen Dr. Yakes for an opinion about my eye condition. I also have a AVM that is attaching my optial nerve as well as other conditions with facial PWS. Even though he was unable to help me he is a great doctor. His staff is great. They really listen to you and make you feel at home but in a office LOL.

If you go see him let me know when you will go maybe we can get together. Even though I live in Nebraska now (lived in CO when I saw him) if I can make it work I would come out. I have family there I can stay with. :)

Hope all goes well.


juliemn 05-03-2006 04:43 AM

Is it a venous malformation or an AVM?

If it's an AVM and you've had surgery that did not remove the entire nidus, this could be the reason it keeps coming back.

There are several people who have had great success with Dr. Yakes. And I think that when these doctors find themselves one of only a handful that specialize in these things the rates do tend to go up. Unfortunate for us that use these doctors though.

I don't have personal experience with Dr. Yakes, I've only heard of him. Kristie is a great resource for questions about him.

I would like to throw another name out there for you. My son has more than one of which is in his face. His facial AVM is very small, and we haven't even started any type of treatment on it yet, as we're dealing with another AVM in his brain right. I do know that facial AVM's are very rare, and finding a doctor experienced in them is very hard. The doctor that treats my son has several facial AVM patients, and all have been extremely happy with him. I guess if there was a facial AVM specialist, he would be one of the few. We travel from Minnesota to see him. They've been very good about helping the insurance process along with letters of medical necessity.

Dr. Alejandro Berenstein
INN Center for Endovascular Surgery
New York, NY
press the option for Mary Madrid for initial questions and contact

Here's some links about the doctor, and about one of his facial AVM patients.

One of his facial AVM patients

And of course you can meet my son Ben, his link is in my signature.


anna091880 06-26-2006 07:24 AM

hi thank you very much for you reply, did you see any improvement?

bchamp 11-25-2007 10:54 PM

how is your facial avm now?
It has been a while since you posted. Did you do any procedures with Dr. Yakes? How is your avm? My son, age 19, has been battling a facial avm for 7 yrs. Started on his upper lip, had a couple of excisions, it came back above his lip, had embolization by Dr. Berenstein followed by surgery by Dr. Waner in 2006, then small persistence became recurrance in cheek, had 2 embolizations with alcohol direct and indirect punctures in summer 07, but now is not looking good again. Waner still thinks he can cure with surgery, but I am confused. He thought he got entire nidus last time too. Just wondering what your experience has been.

LenaSH 12-03-2012 07:56 PM

I am DR Yakes patient
This is by far the first review i have written in my life. I had vascular malformation on my left temple. ALL MY ADULT LIFE. pregnancy made it worse and my left eye was almost shut by the end of my third trimester. It highly interfered with my active and social life. honestly it was my personal tragedy. I found out about dr Yakes and decided to proceed with his treatment. I had 3 very agressive treatments. It sucks to have it on your face because it is very swollen afterwords. The results shocked me. dr yakes was my last try. I was so tired of doctors telling me " oh it is the first time i see smth like that. Sorry. Cant help" Well my appearance improved drastically. Of course my left side it is not identical to my right side but so as non of the faces on this earth)) Bottom line i am very very happy with the results and what DR Yakes was able to accomplish. It literally changed my life ( who knew i could run 5 miles!) before any physical activity would just make me dizzy and not comfortable at all. I would feel pulsation in my head all the time. I am coming back for another treatment in a few weeks and wouldnt trust anybody else with my precious head. I also love his office stuff. His PAs are awesome and always helped me with any (ver often very stupid) questions. And I have never met this guy who MADE my insurance to pay for these treatments but he was just amazing))). I highly recommend dr Yakes. Good luck with everything!

dancermom 02-06-2013 04:36 PM

That's great, Lena
I'm very glad to hear about your good results with Dr. Yakes, Lena. My son's AVM is close to yours; it's on the forehead. I hope you will consider telling your story on -- we have new members all the time with facial AVMs, and many of them are curious about Yakes. Any feedback helps.

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