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hanisah 05-09-2006 09:42 PM

road to happiness
I am tired of being depressed over my birthmark. I don’t want to look in the mirror and whine about how I wish I could have surgery. I can’t have surgery because it far too costly and the money are better spend on my tertiary education. I want to see birthmark as a trophy. As something I should be thankful and proud to have. So I decided to put on my optimistic cap and think of the many reasons why I should be happy for my birthmark. Do help me along if u happened to think of a reason.

I am thankful for my birthmark because…
  1. without it I wouldn’t be the strong willed person I am today. All the stare and name I get only made me a stronger person. I can fairly say.. I am immune to insult!
  2. I use to be a very talkative girl back in school. And yet I never get scolded by the teacher while my other friends usually do (no I did not sabotage them hahaha) so I am thankful to my birthmark for saving me from all those many detention hours I could have got :p
  3. I am thankful because despite living in a very superficial world, I am always surrounded by those few special people who see me for who I am inside and not judge me from the outside. They are the gems that make me rich!
  4. I am thankful because somehow… I never get pimple on my birthmark (right cheek). During puberty, my pimples pop out anywhere and almost everywhere except for my right cheek!
  5. It always make me look more sick than I am and my doctor end up giving me more medical leave than I need.. (my friends envy me for this hahaha)
  6. It is a golden ticket to popularity.. 10 or 50 years reunion.. People will still remember me because I am unique.. be it by my appearance (90% of the time) or by my action. I would rather have people remember me as the girl with the birthmark than not remember me at all. Plus the birthmark act as a cue for my old friends to recall my actions..
  7. Mine didn’t hurt or cause me any physical pain..
  8. If one day someone set a trend to wear blue blusher, I am already half way done.
  9. I save a lot of money being phantom of the opera during Halloween.
  10. Since I don’t get a lot of people telling me I am pretty, when I get it, it meant and taste sweeter than it would be if I were to get it many timeJ
  11. according to my friend from India, birthmark is a lucky sign! Now I know how I got my double promotion to sergent and the preview ticket I won from lucky draws!
  12. they lead me to this wonderful discussion board and enable me to interact with the wonderful people.

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karing2 05-11-2006 02:11 PM

Hilarious only to those who have experienced the same! Thanks for writing out all the reasons to love your birthmark.

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