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Christi82 05-03-2003 11:15 PM

i'd like to add one.
This is my first time posting so I hope I do this right. I'd like to recomend a website. Her name is Shannon and she helped me with my daughters Hemangiomas and treatment. We are very pleased with the results and wanted to thank her for her help.
Heres her site and it's a support group. She contacted other people for us and helped us feel better. I hope you can see this Shannon. Thanks!

I just figured this board out so I will try to post again soon.


jennazmommy 05-05-2003 12:35 AM

Re:i'd like to add one.
;) Christie,

Thanks so much! I'm glad you finally figured the board out... it's hard to keep up with all of them, isn't it? LOL

Anyway, thanks again for the kind words. I really appreciate it and I'm glad you're happy with the outcome.

Take care,


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