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somuchmoretome 06-12-2006 07:00 AM

After Laser Treatment - Should I be worried or could this be normal?
Hi, just joined this forum. I am 19 and just had my 5th or 6th laser treatment to remove a port wine stain on the right side of my face. It runs right along my nose from the corner of my eye to upper lip. Used to be so dark it was almost purple but now it is just red, the treatments have helped alot. I've been getting treatment at Shriners Childrens Hospital. The first few treatments I had were great, I noticed drastic changes each time. Then the hospital switched to a new type of laser. Since then my parents and I havent really noticed any change at all. I just had my most recent treatment on May 31. Since the laser hadnt been doing anything the past few times the Dr. raised the strength of it and also focused it more. I know that it is not healed yet, as even just the initial healing takes about 2 weeks and it hasnt even been that long yet. But since the treatment Ive noticed that the skin where my birthmark is has gotten bumpy and was also peeling slightly. Never had that happen before. Since it was peeling I thought maybe it was just a little dry (the ointment Im given is just bacitracin zinc ointment and I've noticed that each time I use it when it comes in contact with my lips it tends to dry them out so didnt know if it might be having the same effect). So just yesterday I started using triple antibiotic ointment which still contains the bacitracin zinc but also has other ingredients and seems to be more moisturizing. The peeling seems to be clearing up but the bumps have not changed. I was just wondering has anyone else experienced bumps after a laser treatment? I wasnt sure if this could be a normal reaction to them raising the strength and focusing it more and would go away, or if it was something more serious like scarring or something else I should be worried about. Couldnt really find anything online about it, so anything any of you might know would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

smurfy 06-12-2006 01:25 PM

I remeber after my treatments with the Tunable Dye Laser my face would turn black, and get bumpy from the healing. It mostly smoothed out after a few weeks. And if it was scarring i beleave you'd already be able to tell it was going to scar by the skin change. When i got my scar's from lasers it scabbed over the skin, and just plain hurt all the time. So i'd say if it doesnt feel like that you are safe from scarring.. I would Hope at least. Maybe someone else will have a better answer than mine... or will just confirm it.


JazzyJames 06-15-2006 08:04 AM

Hello! this is my first post too.

Don't worry about the post-op bumps thats normal when they turn it up. It should clear up in 2 weeks. Have you experienced swelling in the affected area as well? My doctor has my V-Beam (Versapulse Yag Laser) maxed out now and so swelling has become typical for me for 3-4 days after the treatment along with the bumps. What kind of laser are you now using?

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