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jacquismom 07-24-2006 09:35 AM

Total Cost of LM Resection With Dr. Waner
Thought I would post a follow-up providing our total actual expenses for Jacqui's surgery last November. Hopefully, it will help first time patients estimate expenses. Jacqui is 3 years old and had a large lymphatic malformation removed from the right side of her face and neck with Dr. Waner in New York last November. The whole process involved two trips to New York - one three day trip for her initial consult and a 22 day trip for a presurgery consult and the actual surgery in New York. Here goes:

Total Expenses: $174,230.00 This was the total cost without insurance coverage (fortunately our insurance covered most of this. Our primary insurance paid at an out of network rate. We had to go through an appeal and a hearing to get our secondary insurance to pay the balance).

I should note that Jacqui's surgery was highly complex and had some unforseen complications. Her inital surgery was 8 hours long and she was in the hospital 16 days instead of the estimated 3-5 days we were expecting. She also had 3 additional trips to the OR to deal with complications, so our costs are skewed from what most patients would experience. Here is the breakdown:

Hospital Fees: $109,000 for 16 days
Dr. Waner's fees: $25,000 initial surgery, $2,000 first follow up surgery, no charge for the final two surgeries, $700 for two office consults
Assiting Surgeon's fees: $7500 for sugery, $350 for pre-op office consult
Anesthesiology: $12,600
Pediatric MD Hospital Fees: $9400 for 16 days
Outpatient Pharmacy prescriptions/wound care supplies: $190
Airfare 2 round trip tickets each for 2 adults/ 1 child: $2,320
Hotel and apartment fees (25 days total) : $2,450
Subway and Cab Fares: $520 ( we primarily used the subway )
Meals (2 adults ): $700 (we shopped and ate at the apartment often)
Groceries/Apartment supplies/Misc. expenses: $1500

Also, some prices on things to do around New York:

Carriage ride around Central Park: $45.00 + tip
Ticket to top of Rockefeller Center: $14.00
Radio City Music Hall Tour: $17.00
Ferry to Statue of Liberty: $11.50
Metropolitan Meuseum of Art: $15.00
Top of Empire State Building: $24.00

Hope this is useful to get a rough idea of expenses for new patients!

Michelle (Jacqui's Mom)

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