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markjason 05-23-2003 05:04 PM

PWS Conference/Clinic Doctors
Which doctors will be available at the Clinic sessions of the conference in NY? How much time is allotted per family?

mamalamb 06-13-2003 05:09 AM

Re:PWS Conference/Clinic Doctors
I'm sorry I do not have the exact time alloted to each family, but I did meet with
Dr. Geronemus last week and he told me the doctors in clinic will be himself, Dr. Stuart Nelson,
and Dr. Blei. I asked.

I believe the speakers included are the above doctors, as well as, Dr. Waner and Dr. Mihm.
I was hoping Dr. Patricia Burrows would be there to speak on KTS as she is considered a top expert,
as well as, hoping there would be a good knowledgeable glaucoma specialist and neuro to discuss sws.

I know more information will be available soon.

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