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djdoc 09-25-2006 06:57 PM

PWS hereditary?
Hey everybody:
I recently have found that in some cases PWS are hereditary. How many of you have children? And does any of that children got the PWS too?

hankbartenbach 10-02-2006 03:00 AM


I know of one person that has PWS on her spine and head and that has had three children with PWS. The first two just have little spots on their body. But the last one had PWS with Sturge Weber Syndrome and has had severe seizures and has had a couple brain surgeries. So far there has not been any research to see if her and her genics have been linked to her children having PWS but it is possible.

Thought I would share.


Island 02-13-2007 03:41 AM

I would like to know...does anyone else have information on this? Ive often wondered if I'm going to be passing this on to my children..

Aprilsmom 03-09-2007 10:47 PM

I am not an adult with PWS, my 18 month old daughter has a PWS. I read this thread to learn all I can. That being said, she is the 1st on either side of our families to have a PWS. She is the youngest of three girls and my oldest had a small strawberry mark that went away when she was 3. My middle daughter has a small brown birthmark on her back.

I also wanted to add that a good friend of mine growing up has a PWS covering her right cheek. She has two sons and neither has a PWS. Hope this helps.

Aussie legs 03-16-2007 03:34 AM

Hi Raul,
My name is Ann from Australia and I am 38, I have 4 kids, (2boys & 2 girls) and none of them have any birthmarks. I was the first person in my family to have a PWS and mine is quite a large one all over the back of my legs, so I hope this will put you at ease a bit, I'm not a doctor but I'm sure you wont pass it onto your kids.

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