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jaja 10-04-2006 11:19 PM

My pretty uneventful story
Hi everyone,

I have a pink birthmark on my forehead, slightly off centre and in the shape of a V. It starts at my hairline and goes down to just above my eyebrows.

I don't really know how I feel about this. As a kid, I always had a fringe covering it, and i think this was my parents choice. When I was about 12, I wanted a different haircut, so I grew out my fringe. I got a bit of teasing and that hurt my feelings but it wasn't that bad.

Then I started at a girls high school and I didn't really know anyone. I made friends, but you can't help but feel judged can you?
There were still a lot of people who didn't really talk to me, and I sort of felt like a freak for having it. When I was 15 I started to wear makeup on it sometimes, mainly around boys, and by the time I was 16 I was covering it up everytime I went out. When I was 17 I got my fringe back. It was purely for the reason of covering it up, and I hoped it would suit me.

I'm 18 and at uni now, and living in a hostel, and I feel far less judged with it covered, but I'm still paranoid about it, I just don't want to be judged by it.

I know someone who had a much bigger and darker PWS than me and has had it removed, and my doctor has mentioned it to me. My parents seem to think I'm happy how I am, but I don't really know. I worry about what people think too much, and I feel happier with it covered. Gah! I don't know.
I'm just lucky its so mild.

hankbartenbach 10-05-2006 04:17 AM


First of all welcome to the group.

I am a 24 year old with facial PWS.
My PWS is very thick, deep and dark and covers a very large part of my face and crown of head. I know exactly what you have gone thru when I was in school. It was very hard. Being a guy it was even harder because I could not just put makeup on to cover it up. To this day I still get the looks, jokes, pointing, and questions but I have made it my personal mission to educate people about my condition. You just have to learn how to not let people get to you. I still feel judged but I am better off around people that except me for who I am.

As for the laser treatment, I do suggest you at least look into it. Being that your PWS is pink you could significantly get your PWS removed a little if not completely. Just remember laser treatment is not permnent so if it was completely removed you might have to do touch up treatments every 5 to 10 years. I started laser treatment when I was five years old. I have had more laser treatments then I can even keep track of. I also have had three plastic surgeries to remove excess tissue from my birthmark from when it has grown.
If you would like to see before and after pictures from my laser treatment over the years you can. The pictures are on my website

I hope this has helped a little and if you have any questions please ask. We are here for you.


jaja 10-05-2006 08:54 AM

Wow, your website is really inspiring.

Thanks :)

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