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neo 06-30-2003 04:48 PM

hi there does anyone know about the chances off my children having ,same port wine birthmark as me or even worse?thanks

hankbartenbach 07-01-2003 03:50 AM

Hi Neo, my name is Hank.

I have been told that PWS is not gentic and I can not pass it onto my children. I think the same might be for you. The only way to tell is after birth. Some doctors say the reason some people get PWS is parts of the placenta attachs itself onto the embreo while the child is being developed.

If you want any other info message back or email me.

Hank B

Sassydd 10-12-2003 08:31 PM

Hello Neo
I read you concern and would like to tell you that I am 51 and have had a port wine on my right forehead all my life. I have two grown sons (30 & 31) and neither of them have a birthmark. So, from someone who knows - the port wine is not necessarily a heriditary trait.

I also had treatments with the Blue Argon Laser at the age of 36, this was of no help. Again the V Beam twice at the age of 38 scarred me (not deeply) and then I went for treatment about 4 years ago using the Sclero laser (not sure if that is spelled right) these treatsment were just okay. I am still looking for the ultimate treatment as this stain is also on my eyelid.

If anyone out there has a good result report for the stain on the forehead/eyelid please let me know. I live in Orlando Florida and am looking for a complete success story. I will never give up if there is something that will help me feel completely better about myself.

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