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PiaJoy 07-26-2007 10:37 AM

Wow i never knew so many people had birthmarks. I'm new here and i'm so inspired and happy to read that i'm not the only person that have suffered through the pain and heartache. I'm 17 years old. and i have a birthmark on my whole left leg. I don't know what kind, and i've never talked about it with ANYONE, even my family. I've always kept it to myself. Most of my friends don't know i have a birthmark and a few haven't seen my legs for maybe 10 years. I ALWAYS wear jeans. EVERYWHERE. even if its hot outside. I'm scared to show people. I know people can be really mean. In PE, at school, i wear sweats not shorts. A few times i wore shorts, but i woke long socks to try to cover it. One time, i didnt hide it. One of the boys in my class said, "Ew nasty! Can you have surgery on that?" It hurt me soo much. I wear shorts when i'm at home, but when a visitor shows up, I immediately put on some jeans. I want to know what it feels like to wear shorts outside. To go to the beach not wearing jeans. I want to be more confident and less self conscious.. This year, for my senior trip, I'm going to Hawaii. We are guna be at the beach everyday. and i really want to swim in a swimsuit and not stay on the beach (like i always do) and watch people have fun. also, during banquets and dances. I always wear long dresses. I really want to wear a short dress. and since its summer, i want to wear summer dresses.. but i can't. I was looking for makeup cosmetics that are waterproof so i can swim with. Apres Cosmetics, anyone know about it? should i try it? yah so i'm sorry if i'm complaining. I know some of you have worst symptoms than i do. heres a picture attached. thanks for everyone who read this! i appreciate it!

by the way, can anyone tell me what kind of birthmark i have?

eprmo 07-27-2007 04:50 PM

It seems you have a cafe au lait birthmark..sometimes they change in climate,,darker and lighter depending on the weather. I am not a doctor , but from my experience ....,that is my educated guess!!!

But,, from another point of view....I believe you should not stop doing things that you enjoy because of it,, birthmarks do not define who you are..swimming and wearing shorts is something you should be doing and enjoying and not allowing other people to stop you from it because of their should feel proud of your beautiful legs!!!!

Also you can discuss your ideas with a professional, maybe they can give you skin lightening cream, or laser it off, but whichever way you go,,

go enjoy the summer, and Hawaii, and don't allow anyone to hamper your good times,,,enpower yourself!!!!!


PS,,some of the most famour entertainers have birthmarks on their faces,,and look at them now..

Madonna, Cindy Crawford,,SEAL....etc....

nickbar 07-27-2007 07:35 PM

I hope Lisa (addies' mom) sees your post. Addie has a pws and kt syndrome on one leg. THis hasn't stopped her from being a cheer leader and much much more. Lisa has a great attitude and I think this has really contributed to Addie's success. Lisa has great advice and "comebacks" for those rude people that have to ask questions/comments. They have the problem NOT YOU. One of Addies replies to someone asking rudely "what happened to your leg".... "I painted it"...

I think you have awesome legs. SHOW THEM OFF>...enjoy what you like to enjoy and present to the world that you aren't bothered by the color difference so why should they.

Go for it!


PiaJoy 07-28-2007 02:39 AM

thank you both for your replies. it makes me happy to know that people really understand me! thanks for the advice also! i am soo glad i found this group and to see that many people have problems just like mine. its so awesome how we all can relate to each other.

Lisa_99 09-14-2007 10:19 PM

well here I am -- saw the thread here 3 mths later!! sorry !!
PiaJoy !!

welcome to the list here!

guess what !! Your PWS looks very similar to my daughters! yes it does ! Addie's PWS is left side, down complete torso to her toes and even bottom of her foot ! She is 18 and has lived a full life so far even being a National All Star cheerleader!!

Write me soon and I will answer more questions for you!!!

( PS I marked this thread so I will get a notice of your reply !! I hope this works right -- _

Addies' mom
Madison MS

pichpaw 09-15-2007 04:59 PM

I think you have GREAT legs and should show them off! I think your attitude will make a huge difference. If you act confident I bet peope will respond differently about it and over time you'll feel more confident. You have nice, shapely legs and to me that's what stands out in your photo. I say go to Hawaii, swim, enjoy!

p.s. looks like cafe-au-lait to me too.

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