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aholsclaw 07-21-2003 07:03 PM

Insurance denial and support
I am the mother of a beautiful 9 month old girl who was born with a PWS covering her left arm and hand, upper chest, neck and rear sholder and neck. We have been fortunate to receive 2 laser treatments and have seen improvement, but now are being denied continued treatment by our insurance company (we have already appealed once and are now on #2). Our DR is being extremely supportive and helpful and has vast experience in the field of treatment of PWS, but has anyone else had a similar experiece with insurance? I also find more information on PWS on the face, not extremities. Does anyone else have a similar PWS and how has laser treatment improved the appearance? Please let me know if you can be of help. Thanks

hankbartenbach 07-22-2003 07:06 AM

Re:Insurance denial and support
Hi aholsclaw, my name is Hank.
I have been doing laser treatment since I was five years old. I am now 21. I have had Blue Cross Blue shields my whole life and am still insured under my parents. The insurance pays 80% after the deductable is paid for the year.
I hope you find something soon and good luck on the treatments. If you have any other quesitons please let me know I am here for you.

Hank B

mnmon 07-30-2003 06:18 PM

Re:Insurance denial and support
My son also has port wine stain cover his left face and so far we have two treatment for him. It seems like my insurance paid 100% for the two treatments because we did not get any bills from the hospital or the doctor office. I live in Minnesota and I have Health Partner insurance. With these two treatment I did not see much improve. The laser treatments just lighting up my some port wine stain a little. We plan to continue for treatment for him.

shoover 10-22-2003 05:19 AM

Re:Insurance denial and support
My name is Stefanie and I'm the mother of a beautifull 16 month ol girl!! She has a port wine stain over her left side of her face including her eye and by her ear. She has had 4 treatments so far. Now the insurance says they won't pay anymore because its cosmetic. I'm starting an appeal right now, but they said there is no guarentee that they will pay anymore treatments. I just want her to have a normal life, kids are very cruel. Has anyone else had these problems?

nickbar 10-22-2003 06:21 PM

Re:Insurance denial and support
I have not yet run into this problem, but have read some postings with similar issues.

One mother was able to get approval after she sent a letter from a Psychologist...and how birthmarks can cause mental health issues...etc. She also had the doctor treating the child send a letter about the issues with not treating it now....can get raised/darker.

I hope this helps you. Good luck.

sun4 12-14-2003 06:09 PM

Re:Insurance denial and support
MNMom. I have read that several years ago a law was passed in MN requiring MN insurance companies to cover PWS laser treatment. A family with a baby with a PWS lobbied for the bill and it was passed. So hopefully that is why you havent received bills (I am not sure if they have to completely cover 100% of the procedures or just the amount that your insurance plan would cover after your deductible is paid.)
My daughter is going to be treated in MN, but unfortunately we live out of state so our insurance isnt a MN company.

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