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snoop 01-24-2008 08:55 AM

How likely it is for PWS to completely go away with the laser treatments
We have one year old baby with PWS on left cheek. He went through his first treatment when he was 6 month old and then the machine broke down- so we had to wait for the new machine.
Since then he had two unsuccessful treatments with the new improved machine since his PWS hardly reacted to the new laser.
The doctor suggested (and we agreed) having the next treatment under general anesthesia in order for him to be able to calmly adjust the machine parameters to the child. (Until now we had the treatments without anesthesia since our child is cooperating pretty well).
Did anyone else have problems adjusting the parameters for his child and still ended up with successful results? And do you know of many cases of PWS that completely went away?
Another thing that is bothering me is how will we get our chubby little baby not to eat 6 hours before the anesthesia????

Maddie's Mom 01-28-2008 04:49 PM

Our experience
My 17 months old daughter has a PWS on her face as well and has had 4 treatments so far (started when she was 8 months) at the Beckman Laser Institute in Irvine CA. She has seen results, with 60 to 80% lightening in places. She has always been put under for her treatments as does extremely well. as for the eating issue, we try and feed her a snack before bed and then in the moring we move quickly to get to her appointment and try to keep her occupied with a new toy. Please let me know if you have any more questions

snoop 01-30-2008 09:39 AM

After the second treatment (first under GA)
Thanks for responding :-)
(Sorry for my English, Iím not from USA so its not my native tongue)
We had the treatment yesterday and it went o.k. We gave him a bottle at 4:00am and surprisingly he was fine, fell asleep on the long way to the clinic.
The doctor had to give him a very powerful treatment in order for the stain to react. Does it imply that this PWS is not likely to respond much to the treatments? Iím preparing my self for the worse case (which is not really tragicÖ). Is it possible that with this high power the stain will react in a good degree?

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