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stevenwright@karoo 02-08-2008 09:37 PM

hemamngioma on eye lid
I Have A 2 Yr Old Daughter With A Hemangioma On Left Eye Lid Which Is Shrinking In Size And Is Alot Lighter In Colour We Have Seen A Plastic Surgeon Who Was Not Wanting To Remove It And He Sent Us To An Eye Consultant Who Was Wanting To Inject It With Steroids But Is Waiting For A Second Opinion From Gosh I Have Since Seen The Plastic Surgeon Who Now Wants To Remove It As It Is Affecting Her Eyesight Anyone Been In Simlar Position Got Any Advice.

lo1 02-09-2008 08:26 PM


I am really interested to find out what happens to your daughter - is the surgery being done at GOSH or where? who is doing it? My daughter is 7 months old and she has an H on her left eyelid too - it is affecting her vision too. She had an injection of steroids and a high dose of oral steroids for 3 months but it didnt work, we have an appointment at GOSH soon to see an opthamologist and dermotologist.

Sorry I cant help - but please keep us informed, I'm sure it will be fine.

Lo x

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