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patz29 02-17-2008 02:26 PM

Laser/Dr question
My daughter Allison, is almost 4 months and has been on steroids for her lip H that ulcerated since Jan 3. (the h is on her lower lip and is on a litte of her chin, she also has one in front of her ear). The steroids have worked great and the ulcer has healed and we are currently in the slow weaning process.. We may get a consult for laser, although I don't think I want to put her through that right now - I am thinking that if it starts to grow again, maybe we will, but I will probably make an appt now for a consult... My dr that we have been seeing has given us the name of Dr Goldberg in Hackensack, NJ .. Was wondering if anyone has any info on him? Also what kind of questions should I ask or what information should I look for?
Thanks alot!

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