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Jfrischhertz 03-20-2008 08:54 PM

for Corrine-need advice about steroid injection
My daughter is 7mos old and has lower lip H. She has recieved three lasers and one steroid injection from Dr. Buckimgham in Austin and one laser from Waner. We went to Waner for second opinion this past December and he felt like Dr. Buckingham was treating her appropriately and recommended that we continue with her treatment in Austin. Dr. Waner at that time said steroid injections were no longer needed, however, yesterday,Dr. Buchingham recommended another steroid injection along with laser next week. We emailed Corey and unfortunately Waner is out of the country, so we can't get his advice. Do you have any input for us that may be helpful? Possibly new articles from the conference about steroid treatment? Our baby had a terrible reaction to the last injection---major GI issues and crying constantly for over a week and a half. I hate to put her through this again if it's not necessary. Dr. Buchingham recommended another injection because the deep component is again growing. Any help is appreciated.
Sincerely, Jennifer Frischhertz

nickbar 03-24-2008 01:33 AM

I will email you. I will call Dr. Waner tomorrow.(monday)


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