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ashesmom 03-27-2008 12:11 AM

Surgery is finally over!
Ash had her surgery yesterday for her eyelid and eye orbit H with Dr. Fay. Everything went great and she is doing good so far. Dr. Fay got almost all of it out and does not beleive it will grow back at all so we are very happy. Her eye was very swollen this morning but it seems to have gotten better during the day today. If I could just keep her from scratching at the stiches we would be doing even better. She is sleeping a lot and I think that is helping her. I'll post pics later when I figure out how to resize them on this laptop I borrowed. I am so glad this part is finally over and we can quit worrying about it causing any damage.

missy 03-27-2008 01:56 AM

If you want your photos posted sooner, you are welcome to send them to and I'll be more than happy to post them for you.

Is Dr. Fay cool, or what?

Soooooo so so glad to hear that Ash is doing so well. Maybe those mittens for babies will help keep her from scratching at the stitches?

Keep us posted on her progress and we really are glad to hear good news!


EJsMommy 03-27-2008 02:10 AM

Congrats! I'm glad to hear all went well! Best of luck with recovery :)

missy 03-27-2008 01:27 PM

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Here are your photos!

She looks GREAT!!


EJsMommy 03-27-2008 02:06 PM

Very cute... I like the cute little Clown Hospital Gown!! :p

emonaco 03-27-2008 06:46 PM

Congrats! I'm so excited for you. Sophia's eyelid looked almost exactly the same right after. It's amazing that two weeks later it's as if she never had surgery!

lo1 03-27-2008 10:32 PM

Wonderful! - What a relief for you all, now you can hopefully put it behind you. My daughter Abbie is provisionally scheduled for surgery to correct her eyelid H on the 14th May and your photos gives me hope. They are not going to remove it from her orbit or side of head but even if they can improve her eyelid that will be a step in the right direction.

Thanks for sharing your photos and wish Ash a speedy recovery.

Lo x

emonaco 03-31-2008 03:45 AM

Best of luck. I look forward to seeing photos after the surgery.


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